Ilya Grigoryev
- sole creator
- Unity
- C#
- Google Docs
- Autodesk Maya
- Adobe Photoshop
- Google Slides
- Version Control
2021 university project
My Role:
Your Summer Dream
This was my graduation project. I created a surreal and experimental game where the player takes on a role of a soup delivery man in the world that is filled with hail showers so strong they are capable of killing any living being. The player controls the upper-body when he follows the route they have drawn in advance while trying not to spill the soup. The goal is to escort as much people as possible to the haven. They will agree to follow only if the player brings them the required items and keeps them
Experimental 3rd person open-world exploration and delivery game
- a configurable climate system that allows for gradual distribution of weather conditions across the world
- a priority-based dialogue system
- an event system that also allows for NPC dialogue reaction
- a time of day system
- a catalogue of collectable items that is tied to the time of day.
- NPC hunger system
- NPC item-based personal satisfaction system
- Character upper-body hail reaction physics and control systems
- Soup spillage system
There are several large and complex systems in the game, including: